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Meet the Owner

Jazmin Jernigan

Owner + Creative Professional

Jazmin Jernigan is a creative professional, commercial artist, and entrepreneur. Raised by a tightly-knit southern family, Ms. Jernigan lives to create, connect, and inspire. Prioritizing faith, family, and community, this thriving Millennial believes in lifelong learning and servant leadership. 

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“We were very happy with the whole process. Communication was great and the final results were spot on.

— Sarah Lowder, Owner

Lowder's Bakery


“I've used Jazmin for several events and she truly has an eye for detail. The images are excellent and well-represented our brand. 

— Tabitha Browhow, Owner

Events by Tab

Visual Stories

Get to Know Us

Incorporated in 2008, Aesthetic Innovations, llc is a turn-key design firm that offers tailored creative services in several key areas:  Marketing, Brand Development, Print & Web Design, Photography, Fine Art Commissions, and Commercial Printing Solutions.

At A.I. Studios, we pride ourselves on creating a high quality product that is customized to fit the unique needs of our clients. It is our pleasure and passion to provide a wide range of creative collateral for small businesses, non-profit organizations and discerning consumers.


In 2012 business services expanded to include business consulting, computer literacy instruction and technical writing.  We specialize in logo creation, brand development, photo retouching and providing cost effective printing solutions for businesses.


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Our door is open and we're excited to collaborate your upcoming projects.

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