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WELCOME to the AiStudios blog. This is your backstage pass to all facets of our creative firm. Our goal with this platform is to cultivate a space for innovators across many different mediums. By sharing our hard-learned lessons and triumphs we hope to inspire creatives to continue to push through everyday obstacles to achieve artistic greatness.

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Recent Posts


Rainy Day Insights

I left my house today finally. The rain fell in sheets. I couldn’t see more than a few feet in front of me and couldn’t help but think...

Defining A Leader

Defining A Leader 2017 Student Leadership Awards Keynote Address by Jazmin Jernigan Hello and thank you for having me today! I’d like to...

Austin Adventures

With any city that I travel to, I try to make time for an impromptu photo safari. My week long excursion to Austin, TX was no exception....

New Orleans Magic

I'm a city girl with country roots that run deep. I grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana. My father was from Greenwood, Louisiana and I spent...

Top 20 Marketing Strategies

It takes concentration and effort to develop a marketing campaign that resonates with your specific audience. As a strategic marketer the...

Creating Value for Your Personal Brand

Today’s businesses are now under a lot of pressure to give beneficial incentives to their customers. This is a vital marketing tactic...

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