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Austin Adventures

With any city that I travel to, I try to make time for an impromptu photo safari. My week long excursion to Austin, TX was no exception. Austin is a city known for it's art, culture, music, and thriving hipster scene. It's a city that has a little bit of everything; meandering outdoor trails, high brow coffee shops, over-priced artisanal delights, Texas-sized appetites, and exceptional murals littering the downtown walls. I threw on my backpack, rented a wide-angle lens and hit the streets for a full day of photography. I had been warned by some that Austin wasn't the friendliest city, but my experience could not have been further from that. At each turn I crossed paths with relaxed and friendly individuals, always willing to help or direct me along my wandering path. At one point, I befriended a couple as I was waiting to photograph the bats taking their nightly flight from the bowels of the Congress Street bridge. I had climbed down to the waters edge in a tiny nook along the bank, and managed to wedge myself between a forked tree to keep from tumbling into the Missouri River. The conversation was light and friendly while we all swatted at mosquitos and recounted our relationship with the city. I wandered for hours that day, and didn't make it back to the comfort of a bed until well after 11PM. Despite all that wandering and snapping interesting photos, Austin still had so much more to give. She's a city full of surprises, kind faces and tasty treats. So I'm sure I'll make my way back for more.

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